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  • 1. engine type :110cc,125cc/150cc/200cc/250cc,4 storke
  • 2. bore and stroke: 52.4x49.5, 56.5x49.5/62x49.5/63.5x62.2/72x62.2
  • 3. compression rating :8.8:1/9.2:1
  • 4. max torque :6.5/5000rpm,8.6Nm/5500rpm , 10Nm/5500rpm, 13.5Nm/5500rpm, 17.5Nm/5000rpm
  • 5. max power :4.7kw/7500rpm, 8.0Kw/7500rpm , 9.3kw/7500rpm, 10kw/7500rpm,11kw/7500rpm
  • 6. ignition type :CDI
  • 7. transmission :4-speed,semi-automatic(for 110cc),/automatic for(150cc)/manual clutch,chain,reverse gear
  • 8.Brake (Front/Rear):Drum/Disc
  • 9. starting system :Electric start
  • 10. battery spec :12V,9AH
  • 11. front suspension details :double A x swing arm
  • 12. rear suspension details :mono shock swing arm
  • 13. front tire spec : 19x7-8
  • 14. rear tires spec : 18x9.5-8
  • 15. vehicle dimensions :174X95X109cm
  • 16. wheel base :1200mm
  • 17. seat height from ground :80cm
  • 18. ground clearance :120mm
  • 19. load capacity :150kg
  • 20. fuel tank capacity :7.8L
  • 21. gross weight in carton :150kg
  • 22. net weight :130kg
  • 23. packing size:152x83x77cm
  • 24. Container:

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