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Dirt Bike

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  • Engine: 125cc,1 Cylinder,Four-stroke,Air-cooled
  • Suspension Front:telescopic hydraulic shock absorber
  • Rear:with
  • Start Method Kick start
  • Fuel Capacity 3L
  • Brake Disc brake
  • Front/Rear wheel 2.75-10
  • Max speed 80Km/h
  • Max loading 130kg
  • Wheel base: 1,120mm
  • Product size: 158*77*104 cm
  • Seat height: 78 cm
  • Aluminum Alloy parts Telescopic hydraulic shock absorber
  • Handle bars and brake handle
  • Steering column and connection boards
  • Fuel cover lid
  • Engine bottom cover
  • Muffler
  • Rear swing arm
  • Wheels and hubs with heavy duty spokes
  • Side stand and footrest
  • Export carton:146*38*85 CM
  • Export weights:67 kgs/75kgs
  • Loading: 65pcs/20ft, 144 pcs/HQ

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