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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I pay for my scooter?
We accept all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard and DISCOVER.
We also accept money order and certified check.
Bank Wire (T/T): Please contact us for bank information.

How fast will the scooters go?
Generally speaking, gas scooter is faster than electric scooter. Electric scooter usually goes 12MPH to 20MPH, but is much quieter and safer, which is good choice for the beginners. Gas scooter usually goes 30 to 45 MPH. It is also a common sense that lightweight rider can go faster than overweight rider. Since ATV, Dirt Bike and Go Cart are off road bikes, the bigger engine is allowed, like 110cc, 125cc, 200cc, 250cc or more, which makes the bike go much faster.
Sometimes manufacture put a governor on scooter to make it not go too fast for kids. If you are an adult and want it go faster, simply take the governor from throttle hosing. In the other hand, you may want to slow down the scooter to make your kids safer, you can implant a plastic governor inside the throttle hosing.

How hard is it to assemble my new scooter?
Most of our scooters are 95% assembled. In order to ship your scooter, it has to be folded in the box. When you receive it, please follow the instruction to assemble it. Because the scooter is made in China, so the English in the manual is not good enough, probably make you upset or laugh. You can call us and we will help you out.

Do you sell used scooters?
No. We only sell new scooters

What kind accessories I will get?
Usually scooter comes with tool kit, charger if it is needed. Two stroke gas scooters come with fuel mixing bottle to help you make correct ratio for gas. Some scooters come with free helmet, some doesn’t, it depends on model of bike.

Where can I fill up my gas scooter?
You can fill up your gas scooter with regular unleaded gasoline at any gas station and two-cycle engine oil is available at motorcycle and scooter shops across the nation. For 4-stroke scooters, you just use pure unleaded gas, please don’t add two-cycle oil.

How much will the Sample delivery cost and how long will the shipping take?
We are using UPS, DHL, EMS and FedEx to ship your Sample order. After your order has been processed, it usually takes 1-3days to ship the scooters out. We mainly use ground service unless you are willing to pay extra money to expedite delivery, We check each scooter before we pack it to ship. We will routinely advise you tracking number in order for you to track it. For oversized and overweight scooters, delay delivery may occur.

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