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Mobility Scooter

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  • TRAVEL SURFACES: Grass,gravel,sidewalks,linoleum,carpeting,ramps
    indoor and outdoor surfaces
    .0-4.7mph(0-7.5kph),forward and Reverse.
    .6.25-9.3 miles(10-15km) battery capacity.
    .24V electrical system for two 12amp.
    .Airline-safe,sealed batteries.
    .Powerful 280-watt,high-torque motor and gearing for reliable performance,easy run up on the 10 degree ramps with loading 115kg.
    .No belts and no chains.
    .34-inch(86.4cm)turing radius.
    .2.5-inch(6.4cm) ground clearance.
  • COLOR: red, blue
    .45.7 inches(116cm) length
    .22.8 inches(58cm) width (rear wheel width)
    .37 inches(94cm) height
    .88 pounds (40kg) (with batteries)
    .23.71 inches(60.2cm) length
    .22.6 inches(57.5cm) width (rear wheel width)
    .33 inches(84cm) height
    .25.14 pounds(11.4kg) heavies piece
  • SAFETY: .Electromagnetic braking with manual release
    .Curtis electronics controller
    .LCD display, show speed,ODM, TRIP,error code tip,protection if the motor is too hot, low battery tip
    .Charger inside the battery box with cord winder.
    .Tiller handle with three tilt settings
    .Steel, painted, two-piece take-apart foldable platform
    .Dynamic & regenerative brakes
    .Flat-free indoor/outdoor solid tires
    .250-pound(115kg)weight capacity .Removable basket
    .Manufactory 1-year limited warranty

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