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Sea Scooters

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  • Length Overall: 316 cm
  • Width: 118 cm
  • Height: 106 cm
  • Dry Weight: 245 Kg
  • Packing size: 3200x1140x1110 mm
  • Rider Quantity: 3
  • Maximum output: 60 KW @ 4500 r/min
  • Maximum fuel consumption: 22 L/h
  • Cruising range at full throttle:2.2 hr
  • Trolling speed: 1250-1350 r/min
  • Engine type: 2 stroke
  • Number of cylinders: 3 cylinders
  • Engine displacement: 900cc/120HP
  • Lubrication system: Mixed Oil
  • Cooling system: Water-cooled
  • Starting system: Electric starter
  • Ignition system: C.D.I.
  • Spark plug: BR8HS
  • Spark plug gap: 0.6-0.7mm
  • Battery capacity: 12-19 V-AH
  • Charging system: Flywheel magneto
  • Propulsion system: Jet pump
  • Jet pump type: Axial flow, single stage
  • Impeller rotation: Counter clockwise (Rear view)
  • Transmission: Direct drive from engine
  • Jet thrust nozzle angle: 24 + 24
  • Fuel and oil
  • Recommended fuel regular: Unleaded gasaline
  • Recommended engine oil: Mercury 2 stroke engine marine oil
  • Total: 50 L
  • Reserve: 12 L
  • Minimum octane rating: 86 PON 90 RON"
  • Transport: 4 pcs/20ft,12pcs/40ft

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